Going back to Jesus

Awareness Of His Presence

“And surely I am with you always, to the end of Time.” Matthew 28:20b NIV

We all desire to spend time with Jesus. But sometimes we get interrupted by our busy lives.

Did you know that Jesus set the example of private payer times? However, he also developed a less quantifiable model; He consciously lived each moment connected to and aware of His Father.

Jesus and His disciples spent most of their time together.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend time with Jesus just like the disciples? Here’s a tremendous truth, yes, we can! Jesus is with you and me; He’s near us in our daily lives.

Jesus is with us while we’re doing our daily chores; He’s with us while we’re working; while we are taking care of our children and loved ones; He’s with us while we’re responding to a text or an email, and even when we’re stuck in traffic. He’s even with us when we find ourselves in the middle of a storm, even when we cannot see Him.

Beloved, let us start our day by connecting with our Lord before we get up and begin our day. I have done this for the last three years since I retired. Giving Jesus my priority has changed my life forever.

Father, I know you have great plans for me today. Please guide me to stay in your timing; don’t let me get ahead or behind. Help me to step out in your will; help me be wise and remain in your will so that when the day is over, I too can say, “Thank you, Father, for allowing me to stay in your will and accomplish what you wanted me to do.

In Jesus’ precious name, amen!

I have often asked the Lord if writing is His calling in my life; after all, I'm a teacher, not a writer. Through the Book of Luke, in the New Testament, the Lord taught me that Luke had no idea that his study would ever impact our life. He wrote for the One, his friend, Theophilus. Yet, God used Luke, a doctor, to share the truth about Who Jesus was and why He came. So, why do I write? I write to share the truth of who Jesus is and what He has done in my life.

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