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Final Transformation

“Dear friends, we are already God’s children, but he has not yet shown us what we will be like when Christ appears. But we do know that we will be like him, for we will see him as he is.” 1John 3:2 NLT

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to be in heaven? Would you be a blessing in heaven? 

I’ve spent my entire life second-guessing my decisions. I’ve always believed that I wasn’t good enough. Yet, throughout my relationship with Jesus, I often wondered if I was worthy of His calling. Would I be a blessing to heaven?

During Christmas, my family got infected with Covi. Our hearts were heavy with fear, anxiety, and worry. We had no idea how we, especially the babies, would survive this virus. Then, out of nowhere, I received a call from one of our church sisters. She called to say she was preparing a large pot of chicken soup for my family and me. My friend acted in the same way that Jesus would have acted. She was kind, loving, and compassionate to those in need.

The Lord used this act of love and kindness to show me who He is and who we will be when we finally meet him face to face. 

1 John 3:2 tells us that we will be like Him one day because we will see him as he is.

As believers, we can look forward to our final transformation that will take place when we see Him as He is.

God is waiting for you and me. I can only imagine what it would be like when I enter the “party” Jesus has prepared for us. Something extraordinary will happen when we experience our final transformation.

We will be just like Jesus. We will love with perfect love; worship with a radiant face as we hear every word God speaks to us. We shall have a pure heart that loves unconditionally, full of joy, and is free of worries. Worship without ceasing. Flawlessly discerning. Arguments will end because jealousy will no longer exist. There will be no secrets, so there will be no suspicions. Every sin will be gone. Every insecurity is forgotten. Every fear is gone. No weeds. Pure gold, no fear. No lust. Pure hope. No pride. It’s no surprise that when one sinner repents, the angels rejoice, knowing that another work of art will soon grace God’s gallery. They understand what heaven holds.

Do you believe that you and I will be a blessing in heaven? Absolutely! What type of transformations are we looking forward to?

Let us take this time to thank God that you and I will be perfect then, and let’s strive to live like it now.

Prayer: Lord, how wonderful it will be to be like you, Jesus finally. I’m looking forward to having a pure heart, where there will be no jealousy, arguments, sickness, or fear. A place where I can enjoy being in your presence and around many brothers and sisters whose life has been transformed. Lord Jesus, help me to live now as if I have been transformed by you. Keep my heart and thoughts pure so I can run the race you have called me to run.

I have often asked the Lord if writing is His calling in my life; after all, I'm a teacher, not a writer. Through the Book of Luke, in the New Testament, the Lord taught me that Luke had no idea that his study would ever impact our life. He wrote for the One, his friend, Theophilus. Yet, God used Luke, a doctor, to share the truth about Who Jesus was and why He came. So, why do I write? I write to share the truth of who Jesus is and what He has done in my life.

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