Seasons of Waiting

Seasons Of Waiting

Waiting is difficult. We don’t like to wait. We live in a world that is constantly moving at a dizzying speed. We don’t walk; we run. We don’t stay in our lane while driving; instead, we get irritated and veer off when the car in front of us moves too slowly. We become impatient when we have to wait at the doctor’s office. We don’t like waiting in line for too long. We want things done yesterday.

God doesn’t work like that. He works according to His pace and will. One year for us can be a thousand years for God. So, what do we do during our season of waiting?

The Bible tells us that God works all things together for our good. What does that mean? Due to our inability to wait, we expect God to turn things around immediately. And to provide us with all the good things we want or desire. But that is not what this verse means.

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who[a]have been called according to his purpose.” (NIV, Romans 8:38)

It means that God works all things together no matter what season we are enduring. He is active in our lives, not distant. He’s working behind the scenes, whether through trials or tribulations; He’s not leaving us alone. God uses every season in our lives to help us learn more about Him, His character, who He is, and who we are. Even when we face situations that leave us wondering how they will turn out, we can trust with all our hearts that the Lord will turn things around. Everything He does or allows is for our good.

So, when we go through any season of waiting, instead of running away or complaining, let us ask ourselves: What is God trying to teach me about Himself and myself that only this season of time would allow me to see and learn? What truths can I cling to as a reminder of God’s continual work in my waiting?

Friends, I have experienced many seasons of waiting. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn the lessons God was attempting to teach me. Instead, I ran, complained, and completely missed it. It wasn’t until one season of waiting that God got my complete attention.

In 2017, I was falsely accused of something I didn’t do. No matter how often I cried and complained, I was unable to see God at work until one day when I recalled Pastor Sharon’s words, “This is not the end of your story. God is not finished writing your story. Look for Jesus in the season. Surrender and let Him show you the way.” (Pastor Sharon Gonzalez, Pure Grace Ministries. 2018)

I needed the support of my beloved brothers and sisters to get me through this challenging season in my life. At first, I couldn’t see what God was doing, but as I surrendered and turned to Jesus and let Him lead me, I could slowly see what He was trying to teach me. Finally, although it wasn’t easy, I could see God working in me and on those who falsely accused me. Did it happen overnight? No! It took ten months of pain, humiliation, doubts, praying, and letting God do what He knows best to reconstruct my heart and bring me to a place where I entirely depended on Him.

After ten long months, my Lord Jesus brought me back to work. But it wasn’t just going back to my job; it was about showing everyone that I was innocent and that my Heavenly Father had redeemed me and showed everyone that I was His child. Shortly after, every person who falsely accused me was removed. Not because of anything I did but rather because of who He is.

“It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time, their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near, and their doom rushes upon them.” (NIV, Deuteronomy 32:35)

God allows us to go through seasons of waiting where He can show us who He is and who we are.  Seasons of waiting are pauses in our lives that help us see God’s faithfulness. We can embrace these seasons and allow the Lord to remove those strongholds that keep us from becoming who He created us to be, or we can continue to remain stuck, roaming around the wilderness, not knowing Who He is and what His will is for us. What would you choose?


Father, thank you for your love and faithfulness. Thank you again for reminding me that you are not an absentee Father. You are always with me and in me. I can run to your arms anytime, knowing they are always open to embrace, comfort, lead, and even lovingly correct me when needed. Lord, help me to be patient during seasons of waiting. Teach me what I need to learn and give me the wisdom to apply it. I rather go through any season of waiting with You than live a life of uncertainty without You. In Jesus’ name, I thank you, Father, amen.


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I have often asked the Lord if writing is His calling in my life; after all, I'm a teacher, not a writer. Through the Book of Luke, in the New Testament, the Lord taught me that Luke had no idea that his study would ever impact our life. He wrote for the One, his friend, Theophilus. Yet, God used Luke, a doctor, to share the truth about Who Jesus was and why He came. So, why do I write? I write to share the truth of who Jesus is and what He has done in my life.

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  • Louise Russo Chin

    Thank you Celeste for sharing this post! I found the concept of ‘seasons of waiting’ as such great comfort for me. Your ideas expressed here will surely guide my thoughts and prayers, especially whenever I feel impatience growing inside.

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